“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” - Helen Keller

The original purpose of this website was to create a Power BI portfolio. However, the more I delve into the world of data and analytics, the more I realise that it’s an overwhelming and challenging one.  There are endless amount of ways to help each other and that is the main aim of BIFI. Whether it’s those that are green in the field, to those who are more seasoned, we can all learn a myriad of things from each other.

I would like to build a community that predominantly focuses on bolstering career opportunities by helping to:

  • Build detailed and actionable dashboards via different BI tools
  • Data analysis and report write ups based on findings
  • Mentorship on how to use BI tools as well as how to code.
  • Provide insight within the job market
  • CV tips and tricks
  • Amass resources for different coding languages and data to use to build your own reports 🙂