BLOGISODE 1: The timing is never perfect. Just start. Then keep going

It’s funny how a seed of motivation can cultivate a tree filled with ideas, which could potentially leave an impact.

Initially, this site was created solely for the purpose of testing the Power BI embedding, whilst working as an Investment Analyst at a start up company. However, the more I copied and pasted HTML coding into a blank page, the more of a future I saw for this website. After months of trying to figure out this supreme grand-master plan for BIFI, I figured the best thing to do is just start. First thing I did was recreate my website  (with the help of Tyler Moore’s amazing video: How To Make a WordPress Website – 2021 – YouTube). Second thing I did was…well, to be honest, there isn’t a second thing at all at the moment. I don’t know exactly what the final form of this website, or even BIFI itself, will be but I know that I would like it to be impactful in the future  🙂

Thanks for reading this and welcome to the one of many blogs!!


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